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There is reason for hope...

Until fairly recently, a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer was virtually a death sentence. Only 2% of patients survived five years, and long-term survival was almost unheard of. While overall survival rates for breast cancer have only improved slightly since the 1950s, there have been significant improvements for IBC, and recently published studies give five-year survival rates in the neighbourhood of 40% with relatively few relapses after five years. Newly developed drugs and the use of high-dose chemotherapy may raise survival rates even further.

Here are the stories of some courageous women who have lived through or are living with IBC. In some cases names have been changed to protect their privacy. Not all stories of IBC have happy endings, and you will find stories here that may both uplift and frighten you. Fear is natural, but shouldn't be allowed to overwhelm the willpower and sense of hope you need to face this crisis.


  • Gail (diagnosed May 1980)
  • Virginia (diagnosed March 14 1991)
  • Kim (diagnosed 1993)
  • Teri (diagnosed March 1993, died January 1999)
  • Suzie (diagnosed August 13 1993, died June 1998)
  • Bonnie (diagnosed December 8 1993)
  • Susan (diagnosed May 1995)
  • Donna (diagnosed January 1996) 1998)
  • Monica (diagnosed January 6 1996, died September 23 1999)
  • Menya (diagnosed March 1996, died February 13, 2001)
  • Bev (diagnosed June 1996)
  • Sheila (diagnosed October 1996, died April 1997)
  • Sandy (diagnosed November 26 1996)
  • Jessie (diagnosed December 1996)
  • Zea (diagnosed December 16 1996)
  • Cheryle (diagnosed January 1997, died November 2 1999)
  • Deebs (diagnosed January 1997, died May 1999)
  • Spring (diagnosed May 20 1997, died September 13 1999)
  • Pat (diagnosed December 26 1997)
  • WildFlower (diagnosed August 17 1998)
  • Laney (diagnosed August 2000)
  • Becky (diagnosed October 2000)
  • Sandra (diagnosed February 2001)
  • Barbara (diagnosed January 2002)
  • Kim (diagnosed January 2003)
  • Jenee (diagnosed March 2003)

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