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Skin Metastasis (Mets)

The following pictures show skin mets appearing along the scar line of the mastectomy incision

Tumor nodules appearing in and near the scar line:
Tumor nodules near scar line

Tumor nodules a few weeks prior to the first picture. Note the area of pink in a semi circular shape above the scar just to the left of center. Note a red spot just to the right of the biggest nodule below the scar.
Tumor nodules

This picture shows the itchy "rash" area near the armpit which later
was covered with angry rough bumpy bits. A few of these opened and bled a bit. The brown thing near the upper left of the picture is a mole that's always been there.

"Rash" area

A case of extensive skin mets is shown in this picture.

There is a page about skin mets at the breast cancer mets web site.

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