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Links of Special Interest

Thanks to Alexandra Andrews for putting this section together.

IBC Advocacy
IBC Research Foundation's page on brochures, pins, leaflets, and everything else to tell people about IBC.

IBC Memorial Site
Remembering women who have died from inflammatory breast cancer.

About IBC
List member Laney Cummings' site, focused on public awareness. Includes a chat room.

CancerConsultants.com provides patients and their families with the most current cancer treatment information and facilitates access to the latest cancer treatment options, drugs, and treatment strategies through clinical trials."

Breast Cancer Links
By IBC list member Alexandra Andrews; a very comprehensive and well-maintained set of breast cancer links.

News and links related to breast cancer in general.

INFO Breast Cancer
Stan and Carol's site -- plenty of links and information about breast cancer in general.

Cancer Supportive Care
A great resource for cancer patients by Ernest Rosenbaum, MD. He pioneered the idea of support services for cancer patients from using tape recorders at medical visits to cancer resource centers at hospitals.

Drugs Used in Treatments

There are many new drugs being used in therapies. Here are some resources

Drug Cancer Links
By IBC list member Alexandra Andrews; a very comprehensive and well-maintained links for drugs used in cancer therapies.

Pharmacy Supportive Care Program  Chemotherapy Toxicities & Drug Assistance Programs
by Robert J Ignoffo, PharmD & Jean Longtin PharmD Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of California, School of Pharmacy 

Needy Meds
Wonderful resource about how to get financial drug assistance.

US Pharmacopeia
A complete reference for drugs

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Non-medical treatment

We recommend all the resources listed here, but you need to be aware that there are people trying to make money out of your fear.

There is a truly excellent site called QuackWatch with advice on what to watch out for. You should definitely read their section on cancer treatment

Don't be put off alternative medicine, but don't be taken in by false claims, and use it as a supplement to conventional treatment, not a substitute. Advising Patients Who Seek Alternative Medical Therapies is an article in Annals of Internal Medicine. This discusses the issue from a conventional medical perspective.

Unconventional Cancer Treatments is an official US Government report on unconventional cancer therapies. This is a 200-page PDF document, and you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it, or there is an HTML version of the report on the QuackWatch site.


  • Taking Time
    Published by the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute. Deals with care issues from the patient's and the caregiver's perspectives.
  • Information for Caregivers
    A page of links to articles on giving care. Some are very good.
  • When the woman you love has breast cancer
    Booklet published by the Y-Me organization.
  • Care for the Family/Friend Caregiver
    A leaflet giving some bullet point tips for caregivers.
  • Cancer Caregivers' Mailing List
    1. Send an e-mail to: LISTSERV@MEDINFO.ORG
    2. Do not enter anything in the subject area.
    3. In the body of the e-mail enter: SUBSCRIBE CAREGIVERS FirstName LastName

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