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HealthCentral Top Site Award

  1. Treatment Options (chemo only, not HDC/SCR):
    1. CAF protocols
    2. Taxotere
    3. Herceptin
    4. What is the best order of treatment, (i.e.. chemo, rads, MRM, HDC/SCR or MRM, chemo, rads, chemo)
  2. Radiation (the next most addressed topic)
    1. Radiation burns and skin care
    2. Prevention of skin breakdown
    3. Radiation combined with other therapies
  3. HDC/SCR
    1. What to expect/Where should I go?
    2. Post treatment experiences
    3. Where to do HDC in treatment plan (i.e.. before, MRM, after rads,
    4. Should I do it?Who else has done it?
    5. Does it work?
  4. Chemo (all types) and:
    1. fatigue
    2. side effects
    3. MRM
    4. Neuropathy and Taxotere
  5. Skin Mets
    1. what is it/What does it look like
    2. Treatment
    3. Recurrences
    4. How to tell the difference between mets and other skin problems
  6. Tamoxifen and
    1. Side effects
    2. Depression
    3. Blood clots
    4. Hot flashes
    5. Femera(?)
  7. Personal care
    1. Where to get wigs, bras, breast forms
    2. Hair, nails, personal grooming
    3. Should I wear a wig?
    4. Diet and vitamins
  8. Coping Strategies
    1. Exercises
    2. Emotional support
    3. Dealing with family/spouse/children
  9. IBC and:
    1. Staging
    2. If it‚s cancer it doesn't hurt
    3. Signs and symptoms
    4. Diagnosis and mammograms
    5. Misdiagnosis
    6. Metastasis
  10. Lymphedema and
    1. exercises
    2. flying
    3. massage
    4. Physical therapy
  11. Indwelling catheters
    1. PICC lines and Porta-caths
    2. Infections
    3. Problems
    4. Repeat insertions
  12. Surgery/MRM:
    1. What to expect post-op
    2. Drains
    3. Should I have a prophylactic MRM in the unaffected breast?
    4. And lyphedema
    5. Should medical staff take blood/blood pressure on affected side
  13. Pain management
  14. Alternative medicine and:
    1. Mexico clinics
    2. Effectiveness
    3. Use as adjunct therapy
    4. Is it of any use?
  15. Grieving and Coping Strategies
    1. Survival/How long do I have?
    2. What about the statistics on 5-year survival rates? Does that apply to me?
  16. Experimental Research and Treatment Options
    1. Trials
    2. Where to find out about them
    3. Do I qualify?

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